Warfront Infinite Dev Blog

Warfront Infinite Dev Blog #2: Obstacle Avoidance

What have I done this week This week I have fixed few bugs and finally implemented a fully working obstacle avoidance system which makes my pathfinding and collision/obstacle avoidance system done. Some minor things which I did include: Fixed bug where text rendering causes lighting issues Added calculation of game entity’s axis-aligned bounding box from…
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Warfront Infinite Dev Blog #1: 3D Models and Pathfinding

About the Game As you probably have guessed from the title, the game I’m working on is a Tower Defense type of game. At this point I’m still not sure what theme it’s going to be in, but I think I will go with military based theme. The game itself is inspired by Red Alert,…
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Warfront Infinite Dev Blog #0: Introduction and Previous Mistakes

  Welcome! Hello everyone! My name is Ed and I am an indie game developer from Lithuania. In the past few couple of years I have developed 3 free to play android games and released them to Google Play. Although none of them succeeded the way I wanted them to, I learned a lot from…
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