Warfront Infinite Dev Blog #20: Drastic Changes to The Theme

Warfront Infinite Dev Blog #20: Drastic Changes to The Theme

This week me and my graphics designer have decided to drastically change the theme of the game. Instead of generic military-based theme for enemies, we decided to go with something more fun… ALIENS. That’s right. The enemies will now be aliens and your mission will be to defend your base from these monsters:

Although as of now these aliens aren’t animated and won’t appear in the screenshots below, I’m positive that next week they will be implemented into the game.

Regarding the programming side of the game, I have implemented few new features:

  • Player can now fix damaged towers using a wrench tool
  • Implemented in-game options menu and got rid of the Unity’s generic resolution/quality settings menu.
  • Added information windows which will be shown at the beginning of the game. These windows will contain information about new enemies and towers

As well as this, I fixed some bugs and started preparing the project to support multiple levels.

This week I’ll be working on adding more levels to the game and will be thinking about what kind of enemies could be implemented.

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  1. Looks cool man! Always a good idea to mix it up and keep it interesting!

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