Warfront Infinite Dev Blog #17: Early Alpha Release

Warfront Infinite Dev Blog #17: Early Alpha Release

Hello again, everyone! This week was going as expected and I have a somewhat working version of the game which I can share with you. The version contains only one level, unfinished models and bugs, but it’s playable. I wanted to get some feedback from you, to see what you like, what you didn’t like so I couldĀ  address these things in the coming updates.

This Week

This week I added these features:

  • Icon near the enemy spawn point indicating what type of enemy is going to be next
  • Implemented tower ranks. Towers will get promoted to a new rank after killing certain amount of enemies. Higher the rank, higher the damage dealt by the tower.
  • Added new model for level 3 anti-air laser turret

Gameplay screenshot:


Tower rank icons:

Download Links

You can download Mac, Windows and Linux versions through Google Drive:

All versions

Windows version

Mac version

Linux version

Upcoming Week

Next week I’m going to go through all the feedback gathered by players and will try to address some of the issues and gameplay flaws that they discover.

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