Warfront Infinite Dev Blog #15: Work On Visuals

Warfront Infinite Dev Blog #15: Work On Visuals

This Week

This week was kind of a slow one. I mainly fixed some bugs and started implementing shooting tank. But on the art side of things the project is slowly moving forward.



Me and my team have decided to go with 4 themed levels:

  1. Prison yard
  2. Parking lot
  3. Construction yard
  4. Airport

This week we also decided to change the Laser Turret to Machine Gun Turret which, as the name suggest, will shoot bullets instead of laser beams. Although there will still be a turret which shoots lasers, but only at air enemies. This is how this turret will look like:

As you might notice, one of the artist made a little surprise for me and added a Lithuanian flag to the side of the turrets (I’m from Lithuania if you haven’t guessed already). He also suggested that we would make the enemies American, which would mean that the player will play as Lithuanian commander against US army. Which is kind of funny, but since there’s not a lot of Lithuania themed games, I think this would make it somewhat popular in my country, or at least I hope it would.

Regarding the level props, the other artist is currently working on props for construction yard levels. This is one of the unfinished props:

This will be properly textured later on, and there will be a bucket on top of it.


Next Week

I hope next week will be a bit more productive on my side of things. I have few things on my TODO list. Main thing on the list is to make an alpha release and post it on to get some feedback regarding the mechanics of the game.


That is all for today, till next week!

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