Warfront Infinite Dev Blog #14: 3D Artists And Multiple Routes

Warfront Infinite Dev Blog #14: 3D Artists And Multiple Routes

This Week

Hello everyone! This week was an exciting one. Lots of things were fixed, improved and implemented. I found 2 experienced 3D artists who will be helping me along the way. I guess I can say I’m part of a team now 🙂 It seems that I learn something new everyday just by talking to them, which is great!

New Workflow

To improve my productivity I decided to start making a TODO list with post-it notes stuck to my wardrobe doors. On one side there are things which need to be done, and on the other are things which I have alreadydone. It is really satisfying to move the notes from one side to another 😀 And it makes it easier for me to remember what things I’ve done each week, so I can write them in the blog.

3D Artists

Recently I’ve found two 3D artists who agreed to work on the game. They’ve got some awesome ideas and in the coming weeks the game should start to look pretty great.

Here’s what one of the artists already started working on (construction yard vehicle):

This will be a prop for the construction yard themed levels. There will be 4 themes total: airport, construction yard, prison yard, and parking lot. Each theme/scene will have props, ground textures and everything else related to that specific environment.

This is how the each cell on the floor will look like. It will be animated, and the turrets will rise from beneath these doors:

Currently one of the artist is working on ground textures, walls and environments in general, and another artist should soon begin working on turrets.

New turret:

Progress With The Game

So as I mentioned before this week I’ve done lots of things which include:

  • Implemented smooth (lerped) camera movement
  • Implemented support for multiple enemy routes (with multiple entry and exit points)
  • Added non-bomber air enemies
  • Improved information displayed on UI (Upgrade menus, bottom panel)
  • Limited deltaTime’s maximum value
  • Added fast forward button
  • Added text telling what will be the next wave

Multiple routes shown by the black/brown markings on the floor.

Price is now shown at the bottom panel without the need to hover over the turret button. Text of the type of the turret is now highlighted:


That is everything for today, see you next week!

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