Warfront Infinite Dev Blog #13: Lots Of Small Improvements

Warfront Infinite Dev Blog #13: Lots Of Small Improvements

This Week

This week I was doing all kinds of things. First of all I moved to a new website which looks better and is easier to navigate through. Secondly, I finally thought of a name for a game and it is going to be called Warfront Infinite. Thirdly, I found someone who will help me out with playtesting, graphics and overall look of the game. And lastly, I added lots of tiny things to the game.

Changes To The Game


The main changes I did to the game this week are:

  • Added 30 second wait time between each wave so that the player could build towers.
  • After clicking “Start Waves” button, its text changes and displays total number of enemies and how many of them have already spawned.
  • Added new models for slower towers (Radars):
  • Made the trail which shows a path the enemies will take.
  • Added possibility to rotate the camera around Y axis.
  • Bug fixes


Next Week

For the next week I am planning to continue fixing bugs and getting more feedback from players. I will also try to implement feature where tanks shoot at towers.


That is all for now, until next week 🙂

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