Warfront Infinite Dev Blog #11: New Style

Warfront Infinite Dev Blog #11: New Style

This week

After getting some feedback about how my game looks, I started trying out different things and seeing which ones look the best.


One of the first things I’ve done is I changed the ground texture from grass to concrete and added normal maps to make it look more realistic.

New Turret Models

I decided to change old square looking turrets into something more smooth and more detailed. As of now I only have few fully finished turrets, but I’ll be working on more of them this week. Here’s how they look up close:
And just for comparison, this is one of the old turrets and ground textures:


The one main feature which I added this week is the bomber jet fighters, which bomb the turrets from the air and reduces their health.
Also I added trail of smoke coming from the rockets.

Next Week

Next week I’ll be working on tweaking the graphics style even more. I still have lots of turrets which need to be remodeled. I also don’t like the looks of the trees and the walls, so I might start working on that as well.

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