Warfront Infinite Dev Blog #9: Rocket Towers, New Models and Optimizations

Warfront Infinite Dev Blog #9: Rocket Towers, New Models and Optimizations

This week

This week’s start was kind of slow, but at the end of the week I managed to add some few new cool features. I also optimized game’s logic so now it runs much smoother on older machines. As well as this, I created new models for Ground-To-Air turret which you will be able to see in the screenshots and gameplay footage below.

Rocket turret

Rocket turret is Ground-To-Air as well as Ground-To-Ground which means that it can target both flying and land enemies. As of now it can not be upgraded and the model is still a placeholder, but soon I will change that. Turret’s rocket explodes upon collision with ground or the enemy and deals the appropriate damage which is dependent on turret’s stats.

Wall tower

Wall tower is a type of tower which can be used to construct a maze with very little money. It can be used to guide the enemies around other turrets to make them exposed to turret’s locking radius for longer period of time, hence increasing the amount dealt to the enemy.
This tower automatically places appropriate model and updates surrounded wall towers with correct 3D models.


Next week

During the coming week I will be working on new tower types and will add possibility to upgrade rocket tower. I will also try to fix few minor bugs related to GUI. Other than that, I will try to optimize the game even more.


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