Warfront Infinite Dev Blog #8: Tower Editing Menu and LASERS!

Warfront Infinite Dev Blog #8: Tower Editing Menu and LASERS!

Hello again everyone! This week’s start was kind of slow, but at the end of it I managed to add some features which I was planning to do for quite a while. The main feature is: tower upgrades! You can now upgrade towers using a little menu I designed. It gives you all the information about the upgrade such as its cost, damage, locking radius, shooting speed and gun rotation speed.


Other thing I added is laser beams which have their own light sources so it looks cool when lots of turrets are shooting. It adds something to the feel of the game.



There are lots of other small tweaks and fixes I did related to tower placement/editing.

Here you can see the gameplay in action:


As you might have noticed, as of now flying objects are tanks, this is because I haven’t yet modeled planes or helicopters, but I’m planning on doing so.

As of now there is only one completely upgradable tower, this is again mainly because I don’t have the models yet. I should really find someone to help me out 😀

Anyways, that’s all for today, I should better go and continue working on the game now, since there’s still LOTS of work to do. So see you next week 🙂

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