Warfront Infinite Dev Blog #6: Moving to Unity Engine

Warfront Infinite Dev Blog #6: Moving to Unity Engine

Reasons to use Unity

*Sigh*… After over a month of programming the game in Java /Kotlin and OpenGL I finally decided to move to Unity game engine. This is very frustrating, but it seems I have no other choice right now but to rewrite the whole game. There are few reasons as to why I chose Unity instead of hard-coding everything in Java/Kotlin. First of all, the development pace is faster. It took me whole day to implement shadows in OpenGL, but it takes only few clicks to do in Unity. Other major reason is that if I ever decided to team up with someone to make a game, it would be much easier to find people who can use Unity to make games than people who use Kotlin and OpenGL (At least I think so).



After only two days of learning Unity I was able to:

  1. Implement turret placement logic
  2. Implement pathfinding
  3. Make the enemies follow the generated paths


Conquering my ego

I always had a problem with my ego which resulted in me always doing the hard approach to all the problems. I always wanted to solve problems by myself and reinvent the wheel. I never considered using a game engine, because I thought it wasn’t “real” programming. I’m stupid like that sometimes. But as the time passed, I matured and now I realized that a tool is a tool, and you have to pick the right one to solve your problem. In my case this tool is Unity, and I hope it won’t let me down in the future.



That is all for today, thanks for reading!


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