Warfront Infinite Dev Blog #3: Lots of small improvements

Warfront Infinite Dev Blog #3: Lots of small improvements

Good day, everyone! This week I’ve been working on various small fixes, improvements and features. Here’s an incomplete list of all the things I’ve done:


As you can see there are quite a few commits related to performance improvements such as added frustum culling, improved memory usage, pathfinding improvements and so on.

The one main thing that’s missing from this list is the addition of the new tower type which for now I just call “the slower” which as the name suggests, slows down the enemies. If any of you have played the original Red Alert you might notice that for this particular tower I took inspiration from the so called Tesla Coil. The only difference is that instead of electrocuting it’s enemies, it just slows them down.

Here’s how it looks in Blender:


And in game:


Also, for the above image you can see how the UI looks. It’s still very primitive and will be changed later on, but for now it does the trick. It lets to select a tower and tell the game when you are ready for the level to begin.

Another thing which I’ve been working on was music. The funny thing is the genre which I chose. It’s psytrance 😀 I thought that the fast tempo and monotonic bassline would be suitable for this type of game.  After all, it is KIND of an action game. And the way I see it, when it’s finished, there will be lots of explosions going on.

Anyways, as mentioned in the list above, I also implemented placeholder main and options menus along with splash screen. This is how the menus look now (keep in mind they will be changed later on):



Yes, very simple, I know. But they get the job done and it’s still very early in development.

On more thing which I added is money. You can now purchase towers and you will get money for each killed enemy. For now there’s not functionality for selling the towers but it will be added soon.

So that’s all for this week. And for the next week, I think I will be doing 3D modelling and will be implementing new tower types along with other minor features.

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